Hey everyone!

today I want to present you our new KnockFFA season. The topic of this season is: "Tactical moves". With this season we are adding some features who change the game mechanic drastically. Firstly, you have to rank in yourself again. Your rank from season I doesn't mean anything. You can watch your rank from the last season with /stats knockffa 1


In this season there are 4 maps. One is an old one, the "Rainbow"-Map and three are new. I'd like to introduce Rose, Towers and Olymp. At the end of season II you will be able to vote your favorite map which should be implemented in season III. More information following.

Grappling hook cooldown

A lot of KnockFFA players asked for a cooldown for the fishing rod. For this season we will try a cooldown after every hook for 2 seconds. This update will leed to a tactical game play. You have to think if you want to hook yourself or not. We wish from you feedback regarding this change. Please send us your opinion about that.

Teleportation instead of death

Another big change is that teleportation when you are dead. In the last season you got killed after a specific Y-coordinate. Now you got teleported. It makes the game play more smoother instead of getting killed.

Also, we did a lot of bug fixxes with this patch. At the end I have to thank all users whose played in the last season and I wish you the best of luck in the next season. Also thanks to Beule for the awesome maps.

Your Team