Lobby Update: Lobby games!

Hey everyone!

today I'd like to introduce our brandnew lobby update: Lobby games. In the following I'm gonna explain to you everything you need to know about that update. You can find the room for the games under the spawn.

To interact with the games just click on the item frames, which contains a glass block. If you click on the frames, a inventory will open. Now you can select between TicTacToe (Multiplayer), Memory (Multiplayer), Connect4 (Multiplayer) and CandyCrush (Singleplayer).


TicTacToe is a very simple multiplayer game. You are a color and you can set a colored item in the inventory. The first player who set 3 items in a row wins the game. It's working horizontal, vertical and diagonal.


Memory is also a very simple multiplayer game. If it's your turn, you have to click on a glass pane. There will be a item. After that you have to click on another glass pane. If it's the same item, you got a pair and you can go on. If it isn't the same item, it's your partners turn. You win if you have more pairs than your partner.

Connect4 is a very simple multiplayer game. If it's your turn, you have to click on one column where you want to set your color. The color moves always on the "ground". You win if you have 4 colored items in a row. It's working vertical, horizontal and diagonal.


CandyCrush is our first singleplayer game. You have to connect at least 3 items of the same color in a row. You will get a sum of coins every connection. The game ends after 120 seconds.

In the end I have to announce our upcoming game mode "SkyFighters". It will be released on the 5th of March, 8 PM CET. I won't tell you until the release what the game is about. Stay tuned!

Finally, I can thank leoms1408 who developed with me the lobby games. Enjoy playing it. If you have suggestions, feel free to let us know.

Your TheShrooms.net team