Welcome to TheShrooms.net!

Welcome to TheShrooms.net!

it has been 3 months since we started developing on our minecraft server. We are proud to present you today what we did in 3 months. It was the 21st November 2020 when I laid in the bed and had the stupid idea of Archero in minecraft. For the ones who does not know what Archero is. It is a mobile phone game. So we started TheShrooms.

At the beginning we are offering 3 new and unique game modes: KnockFFA, Archero and AmongUs. All three are developed by us and got new and fresh innovations which does not exists on any other server before.


In KnockFFA you have to kick other players from the platform with a knockback stick. Also we got a unique ranking system and several seasons. So at first you have to make 25 kills to rank in a skillgroup. Following skillsgroups exist:

  • Bronze | 0 - 1499
  • Silver | 1500 - 1999
  • Gold | 2000 - 2499
  • Platinum | 2500 - 2999
  • Diamond | 3000 - 3499
  • Master | 3500 - 3999
  • Grandmaster | 4000+

After you ranked in you get for every kill points. How much points you get depends on the skill rating of the killed person. Every 3 kills you get a special killstreak and more knockback to your stick. Have fun!


In Archero you have to fight against monsters with a bow. Every chapter has several stages. Also you got a ingame level. Your ingame level increases when you are doing kills. With every level up you can choose between 3 skills. Following skills exist:

  • Ricochet - your arrows ricochet between monsters
  • Extra health - you got more health
  • Headshot - you have a small chance to get a headshot
  • Bloodthirst - your life fills up a little bit when you kill a monster
  • Attack boost - you cause more damage to enemies
  • Smart - you gain more XP when killing monsters
  • Slowness - when your arrow hits a monster it gains the slowness effect
  • Flame - your attacks cause a flame effect
  • Posion - you attacks cause a posion effect
  • Multishot - fire one more arrow each time
  • Gem boost - you will get more gems when killing monsters
  • Regenaration - after you cleaned a stage you will get one heart

Polish your bow and jump in the world Archero. Have fun!


In AmongUs there are Impostors and Crewmates. The Crewmates have to repair the spaceship. The Impostors have to kill the Crewmates without getting spied. When you found a dead body you have to report the body and then the emergency meeting arrives. In the meeting you can vote someone out. Obviously you have to vote the Impostor. The Impostors winning by killing every Crewmates. The Crewmates can win with finishing all tasks or kicking out the Impostors. Have fun and don't forget there is something among us ;)

We surely recommend playing all of these game modes. Updates and new game modes are planned already. Stay tuned!

your TheShrooms.net - Team

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