Hey soccer fans!

it's time for some summer vibes. Today I'd like to introduce the new event: the summer event. The event is coming with a brandnew lobby area and some other features.

Public viewing - Watch the EM 2021 in Minecraft

Unfortunately watch parties in the real life are not possible because of Covid-19. But you'll be able to watch the EM with your friends in our lobby! In case you want to watch you have to install the LabyMod (Download: The LabyMod addon "European Football Championship" allows you to watch the EM on our server. After you have teleported yourself to the summer event area, you'll have to go to the right hand side you'll find the public viewing.

EM betting game

You have the opportunity to bet the winner of the EM games. It's near the public viewing. You can only bet for games which haven't started yet. If you are lucky and your bet is right, you'll receive 100 coins. Have fun betting!

Shell hunt

In the summer event area is a beach. On the beach there are a lot of shells. You have to find them and you can click on them. After you clicked on the shell you have collected it. You'll receive a reward if the community achieved following goals:

  • 1500 shells - 500 coins
  • 2500 shells - 5 tickets
  • 5500 shells - Diving particle
  • 8000 shells - 1000 coins
  • 10500 shells - 3 days premium

These rewards are only for people who collected shells. You won't get any rewards if you haven't helped the community.

At the end I have to thank DerEisbaer and leoms1408 for the wonderful development of my concept and Beule for building the public viewing area. Have a great summer!