Hey everyone!

after a long period of time we finished the development of HomeBuild. Today I'd like to introduce this new and special gamemode. I hope you are looking forward to experience the new world.

What is HomeBuild?

Homebuild is only available on 1.16.5 so make sure you are using this version. We recommend also using LabyMod to increase your FPS (Download: https://labymod.net/de/download). HomeBuild is a survival game mode. Basically the thing behind it is to build up your own island. In addition to that you can offer some items in the marketplace. To earn Shards, this is the ingame currency, you have to work for your job. Currently there are 4 jobs available:

  • Miner
  • Farmer
  • Hunter
  • Lumberjack

To learn more about the jobs and the whole game mode click here.

Why are we using the latest version?

The most important reason for that is, that we can implement more innovative features to HomeBuild. Also we want to support players who are using the version mainly. We are aware about the big performance problems and it was a challenge to develop this gamemode as performance frugal as possible. Furthermore there aren't any PVP components in HomeBuild so the new version won't be a problem regarding PVP.

What's next?

We will constantly update HomeBuild. The next update includes dungeons, a trading system and much more. But I'll talk about that, when it's time for that.

We finished the beta but there are always bugs. Be kind to us and tell us them! At the end I have to thank a lot of people. I'll name the ones, who did the most, Beule for building the maps and your wonderful ideas, @Cyanna for your amazing tutorial texts and leoms1408 who developed the game mode with me. Have fun building your own island! ;)

Your TheShrooms.net-Team