BIG UPDATE: New lobby, logo and more

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Yo, guys update? yes!!!! update time!!

today, it's time to go a big step in the history of TheShrooms. We want to stay out from other servers and that's the reason for some changes. After a long development time, we present you our new lobby update:

Arrived in our brand-new lobby you can discover new secrets, a large train station with small stores in the underground offers you and your friends a pleasant atmosphere at any time... Pizza, kebab, ice cream or a casino you will find everything you love!

For our content creators, with today's update, we introduce the "Media" rank which shines in a beautiful red color. Also, our other ranks (Admin, Lead, Mod, Content, Premium, Player) have received a small design adjustment.

Level system

Active users are now rewarded with our new level system. Join the network with your friends and level up to prestige 3. Starting today, it's time for you to level up and be active! For more information click here.

To keep you busy in the lobby, you can find new and cool gadgets in the in-game store. In addition, our Chest Opening and our Lottery shine in a completely new design. Buy small pets, heads or other gadgets to become the new king of the lobby.

Even our old logo has received a new look. We made this decision because the old one wasn't good enough. In addition to all these updates there is a new mission season until the first of August. And to set up the real time daylight cycle in the lobby or your language we added some options into your profile. There is a special new daily reward. If you play with LabyMod (you can get it on, you will be able to get this reward

Of course, there is much more to discover, but you should see it for yourself by joining TheShrooms. Special thanks to Beule for building our stunning new lobby and to DerEisbaer for implementing the new lobby system. Also thanks to anyone who helped developing this big update. The whole team wishes you a lot of fun while exploring.

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