EASTER EVENT 2021: new Lobby, Egg hunt and more ..

Happy Easter everyone!

today, I'd like to introduce to you our first seasonal event: The Easter event! This event will be available from the 26th of March until the 9th of April.

New Lobby

To celebrate this years Easter we festively decorated our Lobby. You can explore Eggs, Chicken, new houses and a lot of flowers. The lobby were built by staff members. A big thank you to: DiePandabaerin, ImXelios, zHQHaise, einsenpai, GoldSnorlax, DerEisbaer, leoms1408, LittleAle, NxtLeoTV and CuzimDave02.

Egg hunt

In the lobby there are 30 eggs. Eggs which you haven't found yet, will have sparkles on it. You can grab an egg if you right click it. After you found all 30 eggs you'll get a special gadget: the Easter bunny!

New Maps

We extended our map pool from SkyFighters. Please welcome our newest map "Pasco". Also Archero got a new Easter chapter you can find it on the right next to the spawn.

At the end I wish you a lot of relaxing days with your family. Special thanks to Beule who built the maps with me and also other testers. Stay home & safe!

Your TheShrooms.net Team